What is a cloud based contact center

A cloud based contact center is a complete suite of multiple tools and applications through which all customer communications of a business can take place. It empowers any business to handle all inbound and outbound customer communications with ease and flexibility. It allows businesses to deliver outstanding levels of customer service across multiple channels, including voice, SMS, email, and social media in the most efficient and economical manner.
It eliminates the need for a physical infrastructure, efficiently reduces operational costs, easily scalable and ensures seamless customer experience.

Rich in features

Plethora of features that makes Kommuno a perfect fit for all your customer communication requirements. A cloud based ready to use Contact center solution which enables businesses with varying needs to connect with their customers.


Call Recording

Record every incoming and outgoing call and analyze the recordings to continuously evolve in enhancing the customer experience


Multi-level IVR

Efficiently design and manage IVR experience for your customers using simple and easy to use drag-and-drop functionality


Real-time user management

Auto-distribute your calls to the right agent, team or department based on customer criteria


CRM integration

Integration of Kommuno with all leading or customised CRMs to manage customers in the most efficient manner


Real-time monitoring

Get real-time insights via call analysis dashboard and reports to track business performance



Intelligent automated dialer connects the call to available agent, resulting in increase in connection rate and saving time



A click is enough from your CRM to enable a call to connect with your customers


CLI masking

Hides the number of called and calling parties, enabling data privacy and security


Call queue

Unique feature that allows to customize the messages for the clients and let them know that their call is important for you and will be attended shortly


Call barging

Call barging helps you take control over the ongoing conversation of the customer with your executive, as and when required


Call forwarding

Call forwarding functionality allows to transfer a call to another executive using dark transfer or bright transfer


Call conference

Add another expert to an ongoing call for right faster resolution, thus enhancing the customer experience


Sticky agent

Connect existing customers to the same agent whenever the customers call more than once to enhance customer satisfaction and faster resolution


Voice mail

Voice mail functionality makes sure that you don’t miss any call from any of your customer


Agent mobile app

User friendly android mobile app for agents, to receive and make calls, from and to the customers in the most efficient manner

Benefits with Kommuno


Zero upfront investment

Begin your operations with Zero upfront investment in infrastructure. Kommuno is highly cost efficient with no capex cost as it significantly reduces the upfront costs that on-premise solutions normally require


Monitoring and insights

Real time performance reports and monitorance of agents through an easy to use web interface, that gives you instant insights about the process. It enables you to take instant corrective measures when required


Faster deployment

Start connecting with your customers instantly without wasting anytime. Kommuno can be setup much faster as compared to on-premise solutions


Easily scalable

Along with an easier & faster implementation, Kommuno is easier to scale up basis the requirement at any point of time


Enhanced customer experience

Improved agent productivity will automatically lead to a better customer experience. Kommuno will help you to keep pace with ever evolving customer expectations


Fully secure

Kommuno offers tremendous benefit of enhanced data security including disaster recovery functionality. Best in class uptime of 99.99%

Need of Cloud Contact Center

Know why Contact center solutions are important for your business


Enhanced Customer Service Management

When your customers need help or when they are facing any issues regarding your product or service, your company’s call center is the first place that they can turn for professional assistance.

When customers make you a call, they expect that you handle them quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner. Due to the heavy burden of calls, it is sometimes not possible for agents to manage every call. This is where you can tap into the useful resources of contact center solution, which routes a call based on the category of the product or service and will make sure that the best agent handles it.

This also enables the agents to access, collect and exchange information instantaneously in order to provide a smooth transition among agents, thus dropping client wait times.


Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency

The contact center solution helps boost overall productivity and enables telephone calls to be handled in an efficient manner. When agents use the solution, they are able to handle all inbound and outbound calls quickly and conveniently.

They are also able to track the calls easily and speed them up when needed. In addition, by having a contact center solution, you can easily route calls to the right agent and get updates about calls immediately, which in turn allows the agent to respond and exchange important information efficiently.


Decreased Costs

Enhanced productivity and efficiency ultimately decreases costs because obviously less time and resources are being required to manage customer services. With auto-dialer feature integrated with contact center solution, it reduce costs to a great extent.

This is because the dialling feature automates and captures all-important call activity directly for enhanced lead management while keeping track of the ideal times to call clients and providing useful real-time metrics that can boost sales without the need of installing any other costly hardware.


Great Customer Experience

We all know that customers are the lifeblood of any business and unless their perception of your brand is optimal, your business will not succeed. Companies that focus on providing an outstanding customer service experience ultimately reap the benefits – more loyalty, better acquisition, increased spend.

When customers call in, you don't want to greet them with a poor experience—especially not if it's their first contact, or potentially their only contact Customer experience is improved when call center agents deliver appropriate and accurate information with a customized touch.


Improved Security

One of the major concerns in all businesses is data security. You will always be at the risk of losing vital customer and company information if you don’t have a reliable and smooth security system.

Contact Center Solutions comes with impassable security features that keep both client and customer data completely safe. So, you don’t have to bear the costs and trouble of hiring professionals to review and maintain the system.


Business Automation

Contact center solutions allow businesses to integrate their various business tools together to create one powerful platform. These third-party applications, such as CRM software, can transfer data seamlessly between the different tools and enable click-to-call functionality.


Omni-channel Communication

The future of customer service is omni-channel communications. To thrive, businesses have to provide service everywhere the customer is located. Channels include chat, email, helpdesk tickets, SMS, and phone calls. Handling everything with separate apps makes it hard to stay on top of things, and therefore one-stop shop for multi-channel communications is Contact Center Solution.

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Get a unique Virtual or TOLL FREE number from us and make this as one single number for all your customer communications.


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Understand the difference

Kommuno Cloud based contact centre Traditional
Setup Easy and fast deployment with no complexity Time consuming, requires planning and immense hardware
Cost Zero hardware cost, as the solution is hosted on cloud Requires upfront investment in hardware, license & customization
Scalability No hardware costs. All upgrades and features included Additional cost for featues and hardware upgrades
Integration Customizable and easy to integrate API’s Limited integration capabilities
O&M Primarily the service provider’s responsibility Primarily the business’s responsibility
Redundancy Disaster redundancy and real-time data backup Data backups and redundancy procedure is complex
Flexibility Agents can work remotely Agents cannot work remotely