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The Indian e-commerce industry has been on an upward growth trajectory. The online retail market in India is estimated to be 25% of the total organized retail market and is expected to reach 37% by 2030. By 2034, it is predicted to surpass the United States to become the second largest e-commerce market globally.  In order to tap onto the large market, the e-commerce industry has also seen an increase in innovation across platforms, and ancillary segments such as logistics. The market has become conducive grounds for testing various business models such as inventory, social networks, aggregator, and e-commerce marketplace model, among many others. Kommuno enable to quickly design and deploy, and manage their e-commerce capabilities effectively. This in turn, gives their customers seamless omni-channel experiences and lets the business fulfil its customers' evolving expectations.

Features of Kommuno for E-Commerce


Click to call

A simple click to connect to your customers over a call. Significantly improves efficiency and reduces time & efforts



Make use of multiple channels like Voice, SMS, whatsapp etc to engage your customer. Don’t restrict your business to one channel


Call forwarding

Instantly forward/transfer customer calls to relevant departments for timely resolution


Call queue

Call queue facility completely customizable, to ensure you don’t miss any of your customer


CRM Integration

Smooth integration with CRM to provide customer information handy. Very important for achieving high CSAT


Complete monitoring

Monitor the performance of all your experts at work. Constantly improve basis the complete data and insights

Use of Kommuno in E-Commerce

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