Kommuno for Healthcare


Kommuno for Healthcare

A strong dose of innovation

The Indian healthcare industry serves hundreds of millions every year, making it one of the largest in the world. Over 130 crore people live in India, and each expects access to sound healthcare. To help deliver good healthcare, many players in the sector are using cloud based contact center solution. In hospitals and clinics today, cloud based contact center solutions are helping patients easily connect with doctors and nurses. They play a crucial role in setting appointments between patients and doctors and help route queries to the right specialist While the Covid-19 pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, telemedicine have emerged as the real saviors. From e-consultations to electronic health records, they have made health care services more accessible than ever.

Features of Kommuno for healthcare


Multi-level IVR

IVR menu can be created for patients to choose from different departments where the patients want to connect


User management

Auto-distribute your calls to the right specialist or department based on patient’s requirement


Call Recording

All incoming & outgoing calls can be recorded for any future references and ensure all safety and security aspects


Personalized Care

Connect existing patient to the same specialist whenever the patient call more than once to save time


CRM Integration

Easily integrate with your CRM to keep patient’s history & information handy while or before talking to them



Get real-time dashboard of call logs, call recordings and other important stats to monitor and evaluate the services

Use of Kommuno in healthcare

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